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Efficient Methods

Family Law matters involve many complex legal issues that may impact emotions, finances and familial relationships. Tavis & Bunyard assists our clients to navigate through these issues efficiently by employing a structured approach to dispute resolution.

Our approach begins with listening to the needs of each individual client and creating a customized case plan. The case plan is revisited and adjusted periodically to meet the challenges that arise during the case. We encourage our clients to consider the costs of each option available. There are quantitative costs (how much money it will cost to pursue an option) and qualitative costs (the toll a specific option will have on you, your health, your relationships, and your family). We believe that informed decisions must consider both quantitative and qualitative costs.

We employ a team approach that includes a paralegal with more than 20 years experience working on complex and high conflict matters. Tasks are delegated to paralegals and experts to maximize cost effectiveness.

Family Law matters require the collection and exchange of documents. Many times clients find this aspect of their case extremely challenging as they may not be in possession of the documents, may not know how to obtain the required documents, or have the time to collect them. At Tavis & Bunyard, we work with our clients to obtain all the necessary information required to resolve their matter, using technology and other means to streamline the process.

It is a tenet of Tavis & Bunyard philosophy that our attorneys provide our clients with options based on the law and the unique facts of their case. Our clients know what is best for them and their family. It is our goal to provide our clients with the legal options available to them, given their specific circumstances, so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future.

Shawn and Tavis and Bunyard came highly recommended to us and now we would like to share the same recommendation. Your experience with Shawn and Tavis and Bunyard has been immeasurable. Shawn is a true professional who holds every personal conversation and situation in the highest regard. Without having the strategic outline that he had put in place, our outcome would never have been as successful.