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Limited Scope Representation

In a Limited Scope Representation, an attorney may limit the attorney services by agreement with a self represented litigant to consultation on procedures and preparation of pleadings to be filed by the client self represented. A litigant may be either self represented or represented by counsel, but not both at once, unless approved by the court. In order for the attorney to specially appear on behalf of the litigants for a limited purpose, the attorney must comply with all applicable court rules and procedures, including the filing of a Notice of Limited Scope Representation with the Court and service on all interested parties.

As an example, a client may only want to hire an attorney to provide full service on one aspect of their case, like Child Support. The attorney’s written engagement agreement with the client would designate the attorney as “attorney of record” for the Limited Scope of providing full service only for the issue of Child Support. The attorney would not be attorney of record for any custody, visitation, spousal support, property division, or any other issues. The client would remain self represented for those issues and would remain responsible for court appearances, calendaring, filing of papers, meeting at deadlines, and all other responsibilities that counsel of record normally would do.

However, at any time throughout the process, representation can change from Limited Scope to Full Service. This would require a new engagement agreement and the requisite forms being filed with the Court and served on interested parties.

At the end of the Limited Scope Representation, a form must be submitted to court memorializing that the attorney is no longer attorney of record for such limited purpose.

Linda represented me in an extremely difficult post judgment alimony negotiation. She was always professional and clear in what we could hope to achieve. I appreciate that she did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what my best and worst case scenarios were. I am thankful that she did not lead me down a costly and destructive path of fighting. Instead she focused on how to get the case settled as quickly as possible under the circumstances. I cannot compliment Linda and her staff enough on the professional manner in which they handled my case.
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