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Unbundled Services Consultation Only

In an Unbundled Services or Consultation Only relationship, the attorney is engaged by individuals representing themselves in litigation to give legal advice about various steps in the case. The attorneys written engagement agreement with the self represented client provides that the attorney will not be the attorney of record in the case, that court appearances, calendaring, filing of papers, meeting at deadlines, and all other responsibilities that counsel of record normally would do, are the client’s responsibility.

The attorney’s engagement is limited to that of a law consultant who will advise the client on matters only as the client requests, and to assist in or draft papers that the client will sign and file. The attorney also may keep track of the case and its deadlines. All documents are prepared with the client appearing as a self-represented party.

The purpose of such agreement is to provide clients with the legal advice necessary to navigate their Family Law case as a self represented party. This is attractive to some clients who desire to keep control of their case or do not have the financial capacity to hire an attorney for a Full Service Representation.

Linda represented me in an extremely difficult post judgment alimony negotiation. She was always professional and clear in what we could hope to achieve. I appreciate that she did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what my best and worst case scenarios were. I am thankful that she did not lead me down a costly and destructive path of fighting. Instead she focused on how to get the case settled as quickly as possible under the circumstances. I cannot compliment Linda and her staff enough on the professional manner in which they handled my case.
Thomas T.